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Not only a brand but a way of life

A team of creative youth with different backgrounds but a common mindset..

Sport Boutiques

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We provide the top retail stores in the best ski resorts of North Italy and Switzerland. Come and see for yourself!


100% Made in Italy

Continous research for excellence allows us to create products which are at the fore-front in terms of creativity..

Ski Poles Info

Ski poles are used by skiers for balance and propulsion. Modern cross-country ski poles are made from aluminum, fiberglass-reinforced plastic, or carbon fiber, depending on weight, cost and performance parameters.

Poles are generally used in alpine skiing, freestyle skiing and nordic skiing and are not used in ski jumping, and snowboarding.Although in modern skiing one pole is held in each hand, early skiers used one long pole or spear. The oldest known depiction of a skier shows the skier holding a staff.

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